Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little crafty something for my husbands anniversary gift!

So I've been attending a local MOPS group this past year and we always do a "crafty" project during our time together. Today was our last meeting and we were making these small glass "coasters". So being that today is Chris and my anniversary I made this little coaster for him as a gift. Sandwiched in between the glass pieces are two vellum quotes, one says "Many Years, One Love" and the other that is layered on top says "still the one"; pretty appropriate since we've been together for a sum total of 19 years and have been married for 14. Considering I just turned 36, that's over half of my life I've been with this man. So anyhoo...then I came home and added all the little extras, like the heart lock and key, flowers, and other embellishments. Glued a binder clip to the back so that it would stand up and voila'...my gift is done. Wonder if I'm getting anything....hmmmm...we shall see! He may drive me crazy at times but I do love him and believe he still loves me...even after all this time. Factor in the divorce rate these days, the fact that we were high school sweet hearts, the fact that we are still together in spite of all the trials we've been through and it can only be attributed to one person...I believe our marriage is definitely a God thing. He is the binding that keeps us together and together with his blessing, I pray I'll have many more.