Friday, April 6, 2012

It's almost Easter....

and as I look outside there are HUGE white flakes coming down...LOTS of them. (Sigh) But I guess since Easter isn't really about cute little animals, chocolate bunnies or green grass what should it matter? It's really all about the CROSS and the man that was NAILED there. It's really all about the penalty, caused from my sins, that He paid with his BLOOD, DEATH and subsequent RESURRECTION 3 days later. It's really all about the fact that because He defeated death we are given LIFE. It's all because He loved us so much...we've been FORGIVEN and should be so thankful (which I am). So Lord willing, I'll keep my eyes focused on the cross and the true reason for this holiday. And now I have a wallhanging that will be such a visual reminder for me...all year round. Thanks to my quilt group ladies who helped me get this finished in time so that I could get it hung in my entry way before Easter actually arrives. This will stay up for awhile I think.