Saturday, December 31, 2011

How can it be the end?

Wow! What a year...where has it gone? It hardly seems possible that 2011 is nearly over and 2012 is knocking at our door. It's been a trying year in many ways and my faith has been tested. But I'd like to think that I'm learning and growing in my walk with the Lord. I've pushed myself and tried to stretch outside of my personal comfort zone through scrap-4-hire and FINALLY doing the FB thing. My children are healthy, bright and constantly driving me crazy, which is a blessing. I have a wonderful husband who is a great provider, a warm house to keep me safe, plenty of food to fill my stomach and a God who loves me and is the source of ALL my many blessings. When I consider how blessed I am; how can I be anything but GRATEFUL. So goodbye 2011...thanks for the memories and lessons; the ups and downs; the good times and not so good times. And hello 2012...may I be open to what you have in store for me and my loved ones.

Enjoy this peek at the last few months in the Hudson household for 2011. And may you and yours have a healthy, happy and more importantly BLESSED 2012.

fishing fun
lots of beautiful fall rainbows
2 carved Jack-o-Lanterns
Thanksgiving blessings
Beka turns 6 with a
pampered princess party
singing in our church's Christmas Cantatamy Christmas elves

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I took this photo of Thomas on the Sunday before school started. We had just gone to Redoubt to view his class list and he wanted me to take his pic. So he hopped up on the concrete wall and I snapped a few pictures. Didn't think much of it until I downloaded them off my camera two nights ago and was almost speechless when I saw this one.

All I could think was: How can that be my boy?

You might just see the picture of a young man sitting there...looking pretty GQ, but anyone who knows what he's been through and how he came into this world knows better. And I as his mother saw something entirely more. Let me explain. When I looked at this picture it immediately went through my mind that God has blessed him with so many amazing gifts...the gift of music (per his piano instructor), the gift of memorization (that boy can memorize his AWANA verses like it's no ones business), the gift of intelligence (near the top in math & reading), the gift of good looks (which we all know is a fleeting gift) and the gift of a stubborn will (which can be good or bad). Does he realize how blessed he is? Probably not. Do I often forget how blessed I am for having him in my life? Yup!

And it reminded me that I need to be praying every day that he comes to know his Lord and Savior in a personal way because I have a feeling God has something very special in mind for my "little" boy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

First Day of School

Well, it is official. My babies are now both full day schoolers! School started August 24th, but it wasn't until the next Monday that it was officially Rebekah's first day. The house is much quieter and miraculously, much cleaner these days, without both of them here during the day. I'm getting caught up on back-logged paperwork and trying to devote more time to scrapbooking and my scrap-4-hire business. I'm really loving this. I have some people who almost gasp when I tell them I'm not one of those moms who cries when her kids go to school. I'm cheering on the inside...and okay, so if I'm brutually honest, sometimes I'm even cheering audibly. But the way I look at it is that I was BLESSED to be able to stay home with them for the first 5+ years of their lives. I spent 24/7 with them, training them and raising them up to be able to be bright, independent children who were ready to go to school. So when that time comes, it shouldn't be a sad thing. It's just the next step and if I've done my job right, then I can let go with confidence. In someways it's more work now then when they were home all day. I have to pray for them and their friends, for God to protect their minds and their hearts from anything evil that might hurt them. For their teachers and for me...that we can encourage, teach and grow along with them. But I know that they are exactly where they are meant to I say "Yeah! It's the first day of school." Let the school year begin.

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Haircuts...New Kids?

So in preparation for school, which begins on Tuesday, I took the kids to have their hair cut. I knew I wanted Rebekah's to be cut into a shoulder length bob so that it would be easier to take care of in the morning and not require "hair pretties" (since she NEVER leaves them in). I love Beka's and pulled up with little clips on the sides, it's adorable!! But I was in for a shocker when it was Thomas's turn and he announced he wanted his hair to be like his friend Chaz's. That meant all of his beautiful, thick hair...gone!! I took a deep breath, looked at Tina our stylist, gave the go-ahead and said a silent prayer. I'm not sure if it was for me or him or what, but I said one anyways. I'm still not sure about the new be honest I think I'm in mourning for the last vestige of little boy that there was. Not that he was a little boy, even with the longer hair, but somehow it just feels like my baby boy is gone. All with the snip, snip of a stylists shears. You haircuts; new older looking kids?

Thomas & Rebekah Before:

Thomas & Rebekah After:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer is flying by...

and school will be here before we know it. Woo Hoo!! Can you tell I'm excited about that? I actually printed off supply lists yesterday and am planning trips for each of my kiddos to do some special school shopping in the "big" city, aka Anchorage.

We've been staying busy attending VBS's, going to swimming lessons,

Thomas played outdoor soccer,

we've been fishing & camping...

all those things we do during our few short months of summer. And talk about a FABULOUS summer. This is the best one I can remember in a long time...beautiful sunshine and lots of warm temps. It'll be hard to see it go.

Hope you enjoy the pics...

1st mobile blog

Testing, testing...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's summertime...

And the livin' is easy. Add busy to that and the saying would be more accurate! I haven't been very good about keeping this blog updated. I have to wonder where the hours go.

So the kids are officially out of school. Rebekah was enrolled in Kindergarten at Redoubt in May (which was a HUGE answer to prayer) and Thomas had a great year and will begin 3rd grade in the fall, also at Redoubt. There's a chance I'll have to go back to work at the office part-time/fill-in late this summer or in the fall...but we'll just have to wait and see how the cards fall.

So you ask, what has life looked like for us since I last blogged? Heres a brief look at the last couple of months:

Easter morning...color for our outfits this year: orange. Ironically, NOT my best color so I went more "peach" which coordinated with Rebekah's dress. My sister and niece were able to come down from Anchorage and join the family, which was great and I got some really good bath pictures that I can't wait to scrap with Rebekah and her cousin! We even got to hide the eggs outside since much of the snow had was an early spring, which made me happy!

Awana's finished on Easter Sunday with Thomas ending his Sparks career in fabulous form! He was the only one to finish all three books, all three review "books" and all three extra credit card books with the new curriculum. And Rebekah finished as a Cubbie and will move up to Sparks as Thomas moves up to a Truth iN Training Team in the fall. I'm so very proud of them for learning their verses and hiding God's word in their hearts. It can only serve them well.

Then it was time to celebrate Thomas' 8th birthday. Hard to believe our boy is 8 years old. There are days when it seems like just yesterday that we weren't even sure if he would even get to celebrate his first. And now he's a healthy, active and very smart little man. And I say man because that's where he's headed with his size 5 feet! Then he had his big birthday bash with his friends and extended family two weeks later at my girlfriend's new indoor inflatable playground business, Jumpin' Junction. They had a BOUNCIN' good time! Add a sleepover with 3 of his best friends and it was a dream birthday for him.

The end of the school year saw us busy with spring school programs, end of year field trips and sick kiddos. Thomas' class memorized "Lean on Me" and he knew his part well. He even smiled a few times while up on stage which is an AMAZING improvement from last year and he made it through the program despite not having felt well for the two days prior to the program. Then Rebekah fell ill and missed a field trip, her graduation program and the last day of school. We were able to get her well enough to attend the field trip to Seward which she enjoyed. She thought touching the sea anemones at the Seward Sea Life Center was pretty cool...and who doesn't love chocolate and gelato at Sweet Darlings Candy?!

So now summer has officially begun for us up here and already it's been full with Soccer Camp, Swimming Lessons and the first VBS of the season. So look for pictures of those things to come in the next few weeks (I hope!) We're off for our first camping trip of the season this weekend and we'll see how the rest of the summer pans out. Doesn't look like I'll be able to take the busy back out anytime soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Newest Crafty Creation

So I've been working on these wallhangings for almost a year and finally finished them last weekend. Got them hung over our TV and I'm so pleased with how they look. They are appliqued pieces and instead of being "quilted" wallhangings, I stretched them over artist canvas. I did the same idea with another panel of swimming salmon and those grace a wall at Chris' office. I get tons of compliments on them from our patients.

Currently am working on a wallhanging/quilt for Rebekah's room using up some leftover fabric from the quilt that I made for her, so as soon as I finish that, I'll try to post a picture. Maybe today or tomorrow I can get it finished!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our busy, crazy life....

going what feels like 100 miles/hour. Wondering where the hours in each day went? And then wondering when the days became weeks and the weeks turn to a month....

We had a wonderful Christmas with all of our immediate family being able to be together. Chris's sister flew up from Colorado, my sister flew down with my niece and stayed with us and my grandmother was well enough and made it up from Washington. Thomas and Rebekah were spoiled rotten and their "collections" continue to grow. We might as well call Thomas's room LEGO central and Beka has Barbies & Polly Pockets everywhere!

We had parent teacher conferences last week and of course, got good reports on both of the kids. Rebekah has finally learned to write her name (still needs some finessing, but at least she's got all the right letters in the right order) and Thomas continues to be towards the top of his class, particularly excelling in math. That has to come from Chris, because it's certainly NOT my strength. But while we were in the conference at Thomas' school, they were able to take advantage of some fresh snow and sled on the hill behind the school. They had a blast, of course it helped their friends Spencer and Emerson were also there sledding that day!

On Saturday Chris and I took the kids to Sports Lake and attended the opening of the ice fishing Derby. They drilled the holes for you, provided hot dogs, hot chocolate and cookies. Didn't catch anything, but there were lots of people in a small area and it was so COLD that we didn't stay too long! I told Chris I was starting to sound like Kate Gosselin when she tried to go camping with the Palin family (if you watched the show on TLC you know what I'm talking about) because I mentioned how cold I was, several times, and then made the mistake of making a comment of "...and people think this is fun?!" Well that shut me up, to say the least! But I will say in my defense that I didn't act like her or have a "tantrum" about being cold and hungry!! :)

Busy getting ready for a day crop this weekend...been baking cookies and preparing for it. And of course, Monday is Valentine's Day so we shall see what that brings. We'll be staying home this year....trying to save $$$$.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trying out my new phone

So I got a new phone from the hubby for Christmas and I'm hoping to be better about blogging since I'll be able to post using my phone. So this I'd just a test. We've been having some beautiful sunsets on the evenings where we have clear skies. Normally means colder temps though. Will try to upload a photo...bear with me if this doesn't also means some beautiful horde frost on the trees. Got this shot ad we drove to Anchorage last weekend.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011! can it be that it's 2011? The year has just flown by. I am going to try to continue to improve on how often I post, so bear with me. Maybe if I can figure out the mobile blogging, I'll do LOTS better since Chris got me an Android phone for Christmas. If you stop by, leave me a message so I know you were here. Or e-mail me! Enjoy these photos from the end of 2010.

Chris, myself and our friends Lauri & Ryan Kapp at the Kenai Watershed Forum Black Tie Ball Fundraiser in October.

Thomas and Rebekah playing in our front yard after the first, big snowfall that
happened in November.

Rebekah celebrates turning 5! How can my baby be 5? She's not spoiled or anything (she ended up having 3 separate parties with 3 different cakes!)

And finally, the kids helping me decorate our Christmas tree. I'm not sure if it was truly a big help but they had fun and it ended up beautiful!