Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our busy, crazy life....

going what feels like 100 miles/hour. Wondering where the hours in each day went? And then wondering when the days became weeks and the weeks turn to a month....

We had a wonderful Christmas with all of our immediate family being able to be together. Chris's sister flew up from Colorado, my sister flew down with my niece and stayed with us and my grandmother was well enough and made it up from Washington. Thomas and Rebekah were spoiled rotten and their "collections" continue to grow. We might as well call Thomas's room LEGO central and Beka has Barbies & Polly Pockets everywhere!

We had parent teacher conferences last week and of course, got good reports on both of the kids. Rebekah has finally learned to write her name (still needs some finessing, but at least she's got all the right letters in the right order) and Thomas continues to be towards the top of his class, particularly excelling in math. That has to come from Chris, because it's certainly NOT my strength. But while we were in the conference at Thomas' school, they were able to take advantage of some fresh snow and sled on the hill behind the school. They had a blast, of course it helped their friends Spencer and Emerson were also there sledding that day!

On Saturday Chris and I took the kids to Sports Lake and attended the opening of the ice fishing Derby. They drilled the holes for you, provided hot dogs, hot chocolate and cookies. Didn't catch anything, but there were lots of people in a small area and it was so COLD that we didn't stay too long! I told Chris I was starting to sound like Kate Gosselin when she tried to go camping with the Palin family (if you watched the show on TLC you know what I'm talking about) because I mentioned how cold I was, several times, and then made the mistake of making a comment of "...and people think this is fun?!" Well that shut me up, to say the least! But I will say in my defense that I didn't act like her or have a "tantrum" about being cold and hungry!! :)

Busy getting ready for a day crop this weekend...been baking cookies and preparing for it. And of course, Monday is Valentine's Day so we shall see what that brings. We'll be staying home this year....trying to save $$$$.

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