Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 Progress Days Parade

So I took the kiddos to the Soldotna Days Progress Parade at the end of July. We had a great vantage point from the sidewalk in front of Chris' office.

My folks joined us and we set up camp chairs and I opened up the back of my Jeep in case the rain came.
The kids enjoyed cotton candy and being with their Grandpa and Grandma. It wasn't a very nice day but at least the rain held off until the parade was over.

Chris turns 37!

So Chris turned 37 on July 27th. We had a quiet birthday for him and these were the only two shots I got. It was kind of funny because when he got home I asked him how it felt to be 37. He got all excited and I couldn't figure out why! (He explained that he had been bummed all day at work because he thought he was turning 38.) What difference one year makes, I don't know. I guess maybe 'cause it's that much closer to the big 4-0. Can it be...we are that old? Sure doesn't feel like it. What a goof!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Airshow Fun!

So we spent last Sunday up in Anchorage at the Air Show that was held at Elmendorf Air Force Base. We thought that Thomas would really like seeing all the planes as we had taken him when it was here the last time and he was only 3, not quite old enough to truly get into it. But he didn't really seem to care. Beka was more interested in walking around and looking inside a few planes, although neither was fascinated by the flying displays.

They were happier playing and running around with my friends kids, who are all around the same age range. Add in some popcorn, fruit smoothies, hamburgers and soda's...what, we came to watch the planes? What the heck! Ha, ha.....

But I did get a few good the one of Fat Albert and the circles from the propellers. Still don't know how I got the shot! Trust me, Chris has asked me several times.

And my sister and I laughed at how Jazmyne looked like Shrek with these ear plugs sticking out. Okay, so maybe she is cuter than Shrek...but she still made us laugh!

So you might ask, where was the fun for us adults? I'd say the highlight of the show (and I'm being very sarcastic) was waiting in the car for an hour, wedged in line waiting to get out of the stinkin' parking "lot"! Seriously....we sat for an hour before we were able to get moving to get out. UGH!!! Try that with two tired, hungry was LOADS of fun! Too bad I didn't get a picture of that!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soccer Season is officially over

I think that I'm glad that the 2010 Boys & Girls Club Outdoor Soccer season is over. Thomas did really well this year, was much more of a go-getter and had better control over the ball, probably thanks to the soccer camp he attended earlier this summer. So Saturday was Jamboree, where the teams play 2 final "short" games and then get their awards. Total, he ended up scoring 3 goals this year, during 3 separate games and his team the Tie Dyes lost only one game, the first game of their Jamboree! But they bounced back and won the second game and had a great season!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

They finally took the plunge!

That's my kiddos. After 4 summers of swimming lessons, my boy finally took the plunge and jumped off the diving board on his final day of swimming lessons. And the girl did it this year....3 years faster than her brother! I was so totally shocked. I hadn't even brought my camera in since it had never occurred before. I should have known. Those gotta remember moments always seem to occur when I DON'T have my camera. So after they both jumped the first time I made a mad dash for my car and the small camera that's almost always in my purse so I could take some video of them on their second attempt. I wasn't disappointed....Beka was happy to take the plunge and although it took a few seconds longer for Thomas (since they wanted him to try without the instructor, but that wasn't happening) once Miss Sarah moved back to the front he jumped. Of course, I have to be the cheerleader!! They have one more week of lessons, this time private, but I am so proud. Thomas has officially made it to level 3 (only took 3 summers to get there) and Rebekah will continue in level 2. Gonna make swimmers out of them yet!

Okay, a little post note. I tried to upload the video of Thomas, only to find out it is too big. So sorry for that little teaser. I'll have to try to take another smaller one, maybe tomorrow when they get another chance!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Been Super Busy...

busy trying to keep the kiddos busy since we came home from Hawaii. Hard to believe we've been home almost a month already. I seriously would go back in a heartbeat, and Rebekah has asked several times "when are we going back to Hawaii?" I tell her to go ask her daddy. We've participated in 2 Vacation Bible Schools last month, they've had swimming lessons every day so far and we've made several trips to the park to play. Last weekend my girlfriend and I had our annual garage sale and I made my mad money for the summer. Also have been taking care of our new greenhouse and the plants that are starting to produce inside it. Have gotten several good sized zucchini and cucumbers, and the first cantaloupe and tomatoes are just starting to grow and ripen. YUMMY! But thought I'd better jump on and add a note for those of you who are checking in on us. I was going to put Bek's dance recital video on, but it is too big, so no photos for today.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Dalon!

So today is Dalon Gage's birthday. Dalon lives in Anchorage and was a fellow IRW consultant. I met her last fall when she attended one of my weekend retreats at the Alaskan Leopard and found her to be a great lady! So to help her celebrate, her friends came up with the idea of a blog hop birthday wish. Basically you just hop from blog to blog and at the final stop can leave Dalon a birthday wish if you want or just soak up the creativity shown from all the participating blogs.
If you've per-chanced on my blog first, you should go to and start there.
You'll end up at Michelle Pokorny's blog which is the final blog where there will be a link to Dalon's blog should you wish to leave her a birthday message. Have fun and click here to continue on the blog hop:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALON! I hope it's filled with only the best and ALL your favorite things!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More photos from Hawaii

So I thought I'd share a few more photos from our trip to Kauai. The kids each had their own rolling totes to carry all their coloring books, leapster games, and other items to occupy them during the 6 hour flight. Thomas sat with Chris and I got the girl. Although a little fidgety, they both did well and I saw lots of glances and smiles as they were walking through the airport. They did look pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

We left June 4th and flew direct to Honolulu. Stayed the night there and then flew into Lihue on the morning of the 5th. We couldn't get into our unit until that afternoon, so we shopped and picked up life vests & the boogie board at Wal-Mart, stopped at the big farmer's market in Kapa'a and ate lunch. The kids were SO excited to get into the pool that it about drove us crazy. Our unit wasn't ready on time so we had to wait around for an extra hour before getting into it, then unpacked and finally allowed the kids to visit the pool. I thought they were going to go beserk when I told them we were FINALLY headed to the pool. The Bali Hai Villas have a great pool set up. This is the newest pool (they are re-doing the original) so they'll have 2 and this site will also eventually house the fitness center at the top of the hill (just out of the picture frame).

The pool is never deeper than 4 feet and there's a sandy wading pool/water spray with a rock wall separation to the main pool. There were two hot tubs, one right next to the shallow end of the pool that my kids loved to sit in and plenty of seating.

We spent some time in the pool almost every day. The 2 private swim lessons I had the kids take right before we left paid for themselves. Thomas gained some confidence which I'm sure is a good part of why he was able to snorkel and Bek's said that the pool was her favorite thing from our trip. Well that and the ice cream. But more about that on another post.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bettter late than never...or so they say.

Rebekah was enrolled in a dance class all year at one of the local dance studios (Encore Dance in Kenai) and she had her recital at the end of May. The girls and one little boy were so stinkin' cute in their costumes and Rebekah was so excited. I think to be honest her favorite part was getting to wear make-up! But maybe she was too excited as all she could do was look for mommy and daddy in the audience and she forgot about dancing for most of the short number. She did manage to do a few of the steps and did a nice bow/curtsy at the end, but for most of it she stood there awe struck and searched the crowds for us. These are not the best pictures but it was hard with the lights and no flash photography. In case you can't figure out which one she is since they all look alike and the pictures aren' t focused very well, she is the purple flower, third from the right in the first picture and second from the left doing her bow in the last picture.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Introducing my niece!

Well my sister and her new baby just left after staying with us for 3 days and what a dollie she is. I am so excited to finally be a "real" Auntie and Jazmyne is just as precious as she can be. My kids loved having their Auntie and new cousin around and we got a couple of great shots from the visit. She lives in Anchorage so I know we'll get to see her often, but man, I forget how fast they grow. We saw them right before we left for vacation at the beginning of the month, and she's already getting bigger, more alert and changing so much.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We are back from vacation....

and truly wishing we were back in Hawaii. We had a great trip to Kauai and wished we could've stayed longer. Maybe because we came home to cold, rainy, overcast and just generally crummy weather. But anyhoo...back to the trip. We spent a week in Princeville, where we own a timeshare unit and frolicked in the sun, laid low at the pool and just generally had a fabulous time. Thomas discovered he loved snorkeling (who would've thunk it given his general aversion to water) and surfing. And Rebekah discovered that the sand at the beach isn't so much fun, especially when it sticks to your feet and personal areas. I don't know when we'll get back, but I'm already looking forward to it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little crafty something for my husbands anniversary gift!

So I've been attending a local MOPS group this past year and we always do a "crafty" project during our time together. Today was our last meeting and we were making these small glass "coasters". So being that today is Chris and my anniversary I made this little coaster for him as a gift. Sandwiched in between the glass pieces are two vellum quotes, one says "Many Years, One Love" and the other that is layered on top says "still the one"; pretty appropriate since we've been together for a sum total of 19 years and have been married for 14. Considering I just turned 36, that's over half of my life I've been with this man. So anyhoo...then I came home and added all the little extras, like the heart lock and key, flowers, and other embellishments. Glued a binder clip to the back so that it would stand up and voila' gift is done. Wonder if I'm getting anything....hmmmm...we shall see! He may drive me crazy at times but I do love him and believe he still loves me...even after all this time. Factor in the divorce rate these days, the fact that we were high school sweet hearts, the fact that we are still together in spite of all the trials we've been through and it can only be attributed to one person...I believe our marriage is definitely a God thing. He is the binding that keeps us together and together with his blessing, I pray I'll have many more.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Enjoy the gift of an ordinary day!

So a friend posted this on her blog and I was so touched by it I wanted to share it on mine too. I for one am one of those women who takes these everyday moments for granted...who is always in a rush for the day to end and who takes too much time taking care of those things that can wait, like the dishes or the laundry. And yet when I heard this it made me ponder....Thomas turns 7 on Sunday and I can hardly believe it; looking back it seems just like yesterday that we were crying and praying at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland. That this little man was just a tiny baby who we felt so blessed to have. The sweet, chubby, clingy child who hated to be parted from me...has turned into a more independent, confident, lean boy who loves to play the Wii and computer. Who is now capable of reading early chapter books like Magic Treehouse, is bright and well liked at school...and who is slowly pulling away from his mommy and is turning to his father. So as we approach Mother's Day...may we all be reminded of this message. I definitely needed this reminder of just how PRECIOUS an ordinary day can and should be. And it gave me a glimpse of what my ordinary days might be like in just a few years. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AWANA Award Ceremony

So on Sunday we had our church's AWANA award ceremony. I am so proud of my kiddos. Rebekah finished her first Cubbie Book with PERFECT ATTENDANCE! And then Thomas did an outstanding job. Not only was he just 1 of 3 Sparks who completed the second Sparks book, did their review and earned the extra credit pin by completing his workbook, but he was again the FIRST Spark to be completely done, and he did so with over 6 weeks to spare!! It was a lot of hard work on his part, but I couldn't be more proud!

Afterwards there is always an ice cream social and of course that's almost the highlight of the evening! Vanilla with raspberry sauce for Thomas and chocolate with chocolate sauce for Rebekah (surprise, surprise!) Next year Rebekah will finish Cubbies with the second book and Thomas will finish his third and final year of Sparks and I'd venture to guess he'll complete the review and extra credit too!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

So my sister came down from Anchorage this past weekend. It was great for her to be here, with my dad's declining health and all. We've seen her several times this spring up in Anchorage, but the kids loved having Auntie for a "sleep-over" at our house. She is now 35 weeks pregnant (due May 25th) and we (namely Rebekah & I) are super excited to welcome baby Jazmyne into the family and love on her.

These are pictures from Easter. Did you notice the kiddos are wearing the same outfits as in the photo above? I bought them at a local boutique here and paid a small fortune for them, so I guess I should be thankful and glad that they like them well enough to wear them often. Such a handsome and tender young man my Thomas is turning into. And well Rebekah....she is uniquely her own. Super sweet one minute and then ultra independent and sassy the next. Chris even set up the tripod and the camera and took a family picture. It is good since we didn't have one taken for our Christmas cards this year and once it's cropped down it should be a good picture. Doesn't hurt that I have lost 20 lbs. since February and Chris is down almost 40 lbs. :)

My father's health is rapidly going downhill and I would covet your prayers for my family. I just got off the phone with my mother and it looks like my father will need another back surgery (that would be #3) ASAP for a slipped disc and with his diminished mental capabilities,I'm just not sure how that's going to work. But if he doesn't have it, if the disc slips completely, it would paralyze him. My gut feeling is that he'll be in a assisted living home by the end of the year if things don't improve drastically...and it's beyond description to watch my father wither to this shell of a man that he once was, not even so long ago. I know God's hand is on him and He will work this for His good purpose somehow, but peace and strength are needed for the rest of us, especially my mother.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My latest crafty creations

So, these past few months this has been my "crafty" creation of choice. And you thought I only scrapbooked! all started because I made two of these bow tie bags; one for my mother and the second was for my Aunt as Christmas gifts (not pictured). Then I had to make myself one (brown/cream accent). Then a lady who works at a local convenience station saw my mom's and she paid me $50 to make her one (brown/blue accent). Then I made one for my mother-in-laws birthday (black/brown accent) and most recently I offered to make one for a friend who is paying me for just the cost of the materials (brown/green accent). I've been debating whether to make them and try to sell them at the fall craft bazaars...but not sure if I could make it worth my time. I guess I would hate to make them and not have anyone willing to pay the $50. But then again, I guess I'd have gifts for all my friends if they didn't sell. What do you think?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No posts but lots of snow!

Okay, so it's now April and I still haven't posted. much for my best intentions. We have been super busy here. Awana's, field trips, school carnivals, Rebekah's dance class every Wednesday and volunteering in Thomas' classroom on Fridays. Then there's the scrap retreats, day crops and workshops I've held recently. Bible study, quilting on Thursday's, quilt group once a month, keeping up the house and the list goes on...makes me tired just typing it all out! I so apologize for not keeping this blog up very well.

So can you guess what it's doing right now - April 14th in Kenai, Alaska? It's flippin' SNOWING! Aaaaaagh....last night my son and I went out for a beautiful bike ride/jog, saw a herd of caribou in the field at the end of our road and this morning this is what I woke up to. It's a bit depressing to be honest. I'm ready for spring!! Makes me want to go curl back up in my bed with my girl and enjoy a cup of cocoa and a good book! But I guess go do my bible study instead.... :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm still here! I wasn't as good about keeping this thing up to date as I had hoped...but it's a new year and a girl can only hope. wouldn't take much to make an improvement, so that's my goal for this year. At least one entry, every month!

I have to work the rest of this week at Chris' dental! But hopefully then, the beginning of next week I can post some pictures of the kids from this Fall and Christmas.

Hope you all have had a good year and may 2010 be even better. I think of you, my friends and family, often and pray for you always!