Tuesday, September 8, 2009

State Fair Fun

We took the kids up to the Alaska State Fair in Palmer this Labor Day weekend. Although I am glad we went, I don't think I'll ever go on the last weekend again. We got there just as it opened and within an hour the fairground was packed!! It was bad enough to put Chris on edge and that just ruined it for me. But we pushed on for a couple of more hours, letting the kids enjoy the rides and games and such. I wish I had taken photos of the people WAITING to purchase tickets when we left. I have never seen the lines so long! Next year...it'll have to be a weekday, or else I will have to leave Chris at home. Which incidentally I did try to do this year, but next year I'll insist.

It was pretty cool that Thomas is now "big" enough to ride the rides by himself and he was such a good big brother helping Rebekah out on the rides where she couldn't be by herself. And of course, the fair isn't the fair without enjoying the food.

1st Day of School

Okay, it's hard to believe that we are now entering the third week of school. But as I look outside at the changing leaves and the cooler weather, I know it has to be. And to be honest, I am totally okay with school being back in session. I will fess up....I was not one of those mothers who sat crying in her car as her "babies" went off to school. I was one of those who "cheered" on the inside that life would once again resume some semblence of a schedule and I might actually get a few minutes to myself. I miss my kids...but at their age, preschool and school is still fun and I know they are well and safe and in the best places for them...so I enjoy the time they are gone. They'll be home in a few hours...so gotta get while the gettin's good, ya know? But I digress...here they are on the first day of school (which was August 24th). Thomas is getting so tall and Rebekah is losing her "baby-ness". She is well on her way to being a big girl.

And you know they are used to being photographed when they sit so patiently while their mom gets her act together and get the shots she wants. Hard to wait when you are so excited for school!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thomas' First Soccer Game

So Tuesday was Thomas' first soccer game through our local boys and girls club. He's never played before and they only had 2 practices before their first game. Go figure...I guess the goal is more about fun than strategy, which if fine with me. I think team-manship and sportsmanship are VERY important lessons to learn at an early age. So even though his team by one goal in lost in the last few seconds of the game he did really well, got to play most of the game, kicked the ball alot and kept with it. We're actually on the way out the door to his second game tonight, but thought I'd post a few pics from game #1. Final score was 6-5, loss to the Polar Bears (not sure what the other teams name was).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She's been awfully quiet...

and I sincerely hope she stays that way. And no, I'm not talking about Rebekah...although there are days I wish she were quiet. But that's another topic. Nope...I'm referring to Mount Redoubt. We have been lucky and since the initial batch of eruptions we haven't really had any other disturbances. And now, with summer gearing up and all the outdoor activities that we have planned/will be participating in during our brief respite from the snow and cold, I'm truly praying that the mountain stays quiet and we don't have another ashfall. What a mess that would make!

These photos are from the initial batch of eruptions, back in the early spring. It's an eery, apocolyptic sight (seeing a huge mushroom cloud above a mountain that slowly expands as the wind catches it) that is somehow beautiful at the same time. So much so that cars would pull over by the dozens on the Bridge Access Road to watch the eruption unfold if they were lucky enough to catch it actually happening, as I did one day.

Chris took thefollowing two pictures...better clarity and color, but I still love the shot that I took of the ash cloud blowing/rolling over us (right above our street infact). Like I said, it's an eery sight when the front of the house in bathed in shadows and the back of the house is filled with sunshine!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back from Hawaii

So it's been a week just over a week since I got back from an 8 day vacation in Hawaii with JUST my husband. Yes, you read that correctly. We left the kiddos with my in-laws (who for future reference LOVED having them, even if they were exhausted by the time we came home) and spent 8 sun-soaked days relaxing and having fun in Kauai. We left on my birthday, I spent Mother's Day without the kids (which was kind of a surreal experience) and got home the day before our 13 year anniversary. Chris and I did so much.

We did lots of shopping, sightseeing and driving. Ate some tremendous food and overall had just had a fabulous trip. Our last day in Hawaii we got up early and visited Pearl Harbor and the battleship Missouri. We also saw the "Arlington of the Pacific". Talk about a moving experience. I have a good friend, Beth, whose husband is in an elite unit in our armed forces and is currently on a covert mission. She often doesn't know where he is or when he'll be back and to pay tribute to these fallen men and women made me so aware of the cost that's been paid to live in this great country. I had to say a silent prayer for all our men and women in harms way and an extra special one for Don and the men serving with him. So Beth...know that Don is being lifted up and you too woman. Thank you for the sacrifices you all make.
I had my first golf lesson (which I think I might really like to get into) and even managed to connect with the golf ball 90% of the time. For those who know me well, you know what a feat that is in and of itself considering my hand-eye coordination is horrendous! My parents can attest to this fact.
We snorkeled several times at Tunnels beach and took a breath-taking helicopter tour over the entire island, which is the only way to see the entire island in one outing! It was beyond description to be soaring over the peaks and valleys of the NaPali Coast, over the crystal blue waters of Hawaii and see the island from a totally different perspective.
I actually tried Scuba Diving; note to self...not your thing. Despite having been a competitive swimmer, I had to fight a panic attack the entire time we were under the water. You see, my worst fear is, gasp...drowning. I know, I know...it's totally bizarre and I'll own up to it, but it is what it is! :)
All in all, it was a trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to go back, with the kids next time!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day trip to Alyeska

So I haven't been skiing in probably 15 years, but this past weekend my in-laws kept the kids so that Chris and I could go skiing at our local resort. It was such a beautiful day and we had such a blast. The gear has changed so much since the last time I went. I was able to stay in much more control and only fell twice towards the end of the day, simply because I'm a wuss and am OUT OF SHAPE and couldn't control my speed. Our friend Scott Sexton went with us and he took these pictures. Afterwards we splurged and went out to eat at a little restaurant in Girdwood called the Double Musky. They were featured as having one of the best steaks by Jill Cordes on the travel channel. Great cajun cuisine...it was a special, albeit spendy treat after a day on the mountain.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can you say Chuck E. Cheese?

Okay, so to start Thomas' Spring Break week off we took the kiddos up to Anchorage this past weekend so that they could see my sister, AKA "Auntie". Included in the trip was a trip to Chuck E. Cheese much to Thomas' delight. And much to my dismay the place was PACKED. There must've been 4-5 birthday parties occurring simultaneously and we later learned that a church group had dropped off 80 kids unexpectedly. I walked around juggling tokens, drinks, everyones coats and had both kids in tow for 15 minutes looking for a TABLE. It was crazy. You might ask where was Chris? He was out in the parking lot installing a new ski rack on our vehicle. Not any help to me at all! Long story short, Chris has said he'll never set foot in there again as he hates crowds of people. But Thomas and Rebekah did have a great time. I guess I can suck it up to give them memories of this childhood ritual...but maybe only if we go on a weekday!

Snow much fun!

Just a few pictures of Thomas and Rebekah playing in the snow. Thomas had his friend Spencer over for a playdate yesterday and the deal was that before they could plug into the Star Wars Wii game (Thomas' new favorite thing) they had to play for awhile. So they chose to go outside and "snowboard" on their sleds down our very miniscule hill. It was so funny to watch these two boys be boys. Rebekah didn't last very long before she came in and wanted "warm" cocoa.

IRW Closes :(

Well it's hard to believe that it's been just one week since my business life was turned upside down. I'd been with I Remember When for over 5 years when I received notification that as of last Monday, IRW was closing it's doors. Well now that I've had time to process the news and made peace with everything you might ask where do I go from here? Well after much prayer, lots of looking at several other companies and asking for wisdom from others I have signed up with another direct sales scrapbooking company called MemoryWorks. I don't feel like this is going to be a permanent home for me...but it's a window that I feel was open and one I could go through with a clear conscience when the IRW door closed. So to all my IRW friends who may now be looking to keep in touch with me via my blog I'll try to keep it updated better. And of course you're always welcome to e-mail me.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rebekah's Christmas Recital

Okay, I just had to post a few of the photos from Rebekah's Christmas Program at her school. Thomas was so painfully shy at this age and he never participated (at least happily) in the programs the school put on. Rebekah on the other hand is the exact opposite. She was very excited and more than willing to get up and sing (and do a few other little extras which I didn't include)! It was so funny to watch her antics...she was entertainment in and of herself. And she must already know her mother is a nut with the camera because she kept waving to us and looking for me and my camera! ENJOY!

Welcome 2009!

Wow...hard to believe that it's 2009 and another year has come and gone! I'm looking forward to see what this year will bring for my family and a little nervous about the changes that will probably have to be made in response to the incoming President. I'm really excited about my IRW scrapbooking business and the changes that will be coming with the new changes to our company and of course to see the growth in Thomas and Rebekah! One of my hopes is to keep up better with this blog...I'm hoping that you, my friends and family will leave me a comment, so I know you're visiting. :)