Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can you say Chuck E. Cheese?

Okay, so to start Thomas' Spring Break week off we took the kiddos up to Anchorage this past weekend so that they could see my sister, AKA "Auntie". Included in the trip was a trip to Chuck E. Cheese much to Thomas' delight. And much to my dismay the place was PACKED. There must've been 4-5 birthday parties occurring simultaneously and we later learned that a church group had dropped off 80 kids unexpectedly. I walked around juggling tokens, drinks, everyones coats and had both kids in tow for 15 minutes looking for a TABLE. It was crazy. You might ask where was Chris? He was out in the parking lot installing a new ski rack on our vehicle. Not any help to me at all! Long story short, Chris has said he'll never set foot in there again as he hates crowds of people. But Thomas and Rebekah did have a great time. I guess I can suck it up to give them memories of this childhood ritual...but maybe only if we go on a weekday!

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Rachelle said...

The kids LOVE Chuck E Cheese...John and I don't for the same exact reason- it's always crazy! I really leave that one to my parents....when they visit, they usually take the kids and everyone has a good time. It's a grandparent tradition and that's fine by me!