Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She's been awfully quiet...

and I sincerely hope she stays that way. And no, I'm not talking about Rebekah...although there are days I wish she were quiet. But that's another topic. Nope...I'm referring to Mount Redoubt. We have been lucky and since the initial batch of eruptions we haven't really had any other disturbances. And now, with summer gearing up and all the outdoor activities that we have planned/will be participating in during our brief respite from the snow and cold, I'm truly praying that the mountain stays quiet and we don't have another ashfall. What a mess that would make!

These photos are from the initial batch of eruptions, back in the early spring. It's an eery, apocolyptic sight (seeing a huge mushroom cloud above a mountain that slowly expands as the wind catches it) that is somehow beautiful at the same time. So much so that cars would pull over by the dozens on the Bridge Access Road to watch the eruption unfold if they were lucky enough to catch it actually happening, as I did one day.

Chris took thefollowing two pictures...better clarity and color, but I still love the shot that I took of the ash cloud blowing/rolling over us (right above our street infact). Like I said, it's an eery sight when the front of the house in bathed in shadows and the back of the house is filled with sunshine!

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