Tuesday, September 8, 2009

State Fair Fun

We took the kids up to the Alaska State Fair in Palmer this Labor Day weekend. Although I am glad we went, I don't think I'll ever go on the last weekend again. We got there just as it opened and within an hour the fairground was packed!! It was bad enough to put Chris on edge and that just ruined it for me. But we pushed on for a couple of more hours, letting the kids enjoy the rides and games and such. I wish I had taken photos of the people WAITING to purchase tickets when we left. I have never seen the lines so long! Next year...it'll have to be a weekday, or else I will have to leave Chris at home. Which incidentally I did try to do this year, but next year I'll insist.

It was pretty cool that Thomas is now "big" enough to ride the rides by himself and he was such a good big brother helping Rebekah out on the rides where she couldn't be by herself. And of course, the fair isn't the fair without enjoying the food.

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