Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AWANA Award Ceremony

So on Sunday we had our church's AWANA award ceremony. I am so proud of my kiddos. Rebekah finished her first Cubbie Book with PERFECT ATTENDANCE! And then Thomas did an outstanding job. Not only was he just 1 of 3 Sparks who completed the second Sparks book, did their review and earned the extra credit pin by completing his workbook, but he was again the FIRST Spark to be completely done, and he did so with over 6 weeks to spare!! It was a lot of hard work on his part, but I couldn't be more proud!

Afterwards there is always an ice cream social and of course that's almost the highlight of the evening! Vanilla with raspberry sauce for Thomas and chocolate with chocolate sauce for Rebekah (surprise, surprise!) Next year Rebekah will finish Cubbies with the second book and Thomas will finish his third and final year of Sparks and I'd venture to guess he'll complete the review and extra credit too!

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