Sunday, April 18, 2010

My latest crafty creations

So, these past few months this has been my "crafty" creation of choice. And you thought I only scrapbooked! all started because I made two of these bow tie bags; one for my mother and the second was for my Aunt as Christmas gifts (not pictured). Then I had to make myself one (brown/cream accent). Then a lady who works at a local convenience station saw my mom's and she paid me $50 to make her one (brown/blue accent). Then I made one for my mother-in-laws birthday (black/brown accent) and most recently I offered to make one for a friend who is paying me for just the cost of the materials (brown/green accent). I've been debating whether to make them and try to sell them at the fall craft bazaars...but not sure if I could make it worth my time. I guess I would hate to make them and not have anyone willing to pay the $50. But then again, I guess I'd have gifts for all my friends if they didn't sell. What do you think?

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Rachelle said...

You are SOOO talented!! Amazing!