Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No posts but lots of snow!

Okay, so it's now April and I still haven't posted. much for my best intentions. We have been super busy here. Awana's, field trips, school carnivals, Rebekah's dance class every Wednesday and volunteering in Thomas' classroom on Fridays. Then there's the scrap retreats, day crops and workshops I've held recently. Bible study, quilting on Thursday's, quilt group once a month, keeping up the house and the list goes on...makes me tired just typing it all out! I so apologize for not keeping this blog up very well.

So can you guess what it's doing right now - April 14th in Kenai, Alaska? It's flippin' SNOWING! Aaaaaagh....last night my son and I went out for a beautiful bike ride/jog, saw a herd of caribou in the field at the end of our road and this morning this is what I woke up to. It's a bit depressing to be honest. I'm ready for spring!! Makes me want to go curl back up in my bed with my girl and enjoy a cup of cocoa and a good book! But I guess go do my bible study instead.... :)

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