Thursday, April 22, 2010

So my sister came down from Anchorage this past weekend. It was great for her to be here, with my dad's declining health and all. We've seen her several times this spring up in Anchorage, but the kids loved having Auntie for a "sleep-over" at our house. She is now 35 weeks pregnant (due May 25th) and we (namely Rebekah & I) are super excited to welcome baby Jazmyne into the family and love on her.

These are pictures from Easter. Did you notice the kiddos are wearing the same outfits as in the photo above? I bought them at a local boutique here and paid a small fortune for them, so I guess I should be thankful and glad that they like them well enough to wear them often. Such a handsome and tender young man my Thomas is turning into. And well Rebekah....she is uniquely her own. Super sweet one minute and then ultra independent and sassy the next. Chris even set up the tripod and the camera and took a family picture. It is good since we didn't have one taken for our Christmas cards this year and once it's cropped down it should be a good picture. Doesn't hurt that I have lost 20 lbs. since February and Chris is down almost 40 lbs. :)

My father's health is rapidly going downhill and I would covet your prayers for my family. I just got off the phone with my mother and it looks like my father will need another back surgery (that would be #3) ASAP for a slipped disc and with his diminished mental capabilities,I'm just not sure how that's going to work. But if he doesn't have it, if the disc slips completely, it would paralyze him. My gut feeling is that he'll be in a assisted living home by the end of the year if things don't improve drastically...and it's beyond description to watch my father wither to this shell of a man that he once was, not even so long ago. I know God's hand is on him and He will work this for His good purpose somehow, but peace and strength are needed for the rest of us, especially my mother.

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