Monday, August 9, 2010

Airshow Fun!

So we spent last Sunday up in Anchorage at the Air Show that was held at Elmendorf Air Force Base. We thought that Thomas would really like seeing all the planes as we had taken him when it was here the last time and he was only 3, not quite old enough to truly get into it. But he didn't really seem to care. Beka was more interested in walking around and looking inside a few planes, although neither was fascinated by the flying displays.

They were happier playing and running around with my friends kids, who are all around the same age range. Add in some popcorn, fruit smoothies, hamburgers and soda's...what, we came to watch the planes? What the heck! Ha, ha.....

But I did get a few good the one of Fat Albert and the circles from the propellers. Still don't know how I got the shot! Trust me, Chris has asked me several times.

And my sister and I laughed at how Jazmyne looked like Shrek with these ear plugs sticking out. Okay, so maybe she is cuter than Shrek...but she still made us laugh!

So you might ask, where was the fun for us adults? I'd say the highlight of the show (and I'm being very sarcastic) was waiting in the car for an hour, wedged in line waiting to get out of the stinkin' parking "lot"! Seriously....we sat for an hour before we were able to get moving to get out. UGH!!! Try that with two tired, hungry was LOADS of fun! Too bad I didn't get a picture of that!

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