Saturday, July 17, 2010

They finally took the plunge!

That's my kiddos. After 4 summers of swimming lessons, my boy finally took the plunge and jumped off the diving board on his final day of swimming lessons. And the girl did it this year....3 years faster than her brother! I was so totally shocked. I hadn't even brought my camera in since it had never occurred before. I should have known. Those gotta remember moments always seem to occur when I DON'T have my camera. So after they both jumped the first time I made a mad dash for my car and the small camera that's almost always in my purse so I could take some video of them on their second attempt. I wasn't disappointed....Beka was happy to take the plunge and although it took a few seconds longer for Thomas (since they wanted him to try without the instructor, but that wasn't happening) once Miss Sarah moved back to the front he jumped. Of course, I have to be the cheerleader!! They have one more week of lessons, this time private, but I am so proud. Thomas has officially made it to level 3 (only took 3 summers to get there) and Rebekah will continue in level 2. Gonna make swimmers out of them yet!

Okay, a little post note. I tried to upload the video of Thomas, only to find out it is too big. So sorry for that little teaser. I'll have to try to take another smaller one, maybe tomorrow when they get another chance!

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