Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bettter late than never...or so they say.

Rebekah was enrolled in a dance class all year at one of the local dance studios (Encore Dance in Kenai) and she had her recital at the end of May. The girls and one little boy were so stinkin' cute in their costumes and Rebekah was so excited. I think to be honest her favorite part was getting to wear make-up! But maybe she was too excited as all she could do was look for mommy and daddy in the audience and she forgot about dancing for most of the short number. She did manage to do a few of the steps and did a nice bow/curtsy at the end, but for most of it she stood there awe struck and searched the crowds for us. These are not the best pictures but it was hard with the lights and no flash photography. In case you can't figure out which one she is since they all look alike and the pictures aren' t focused very well, she is the purple flower, third from the right in the first picture and second from the left doing her bow in the last picture.

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