Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's summertime...

And the livin' is easy. Add busy to that and the saying would be more accurate! I haven't been very good about keeping this blog updated. I have to wonder where the hours go.

So the kids are officially out of school. Rebekah was enrolled in Kindergarten at Redoubt in May (which was a HUGE answer to prayer) and Thomas had a great year and will begin 3rd grade in the fall, also at Redoubt. There's a chance I'll have to go back to work at the office part-time/fill-in late this summer or in the fall...but we'll just have to wait and see how the cards fall.

So you ask, what has life looked like for us since I last blogged? Heres a brief look at the last couple of months:

Easter morning...color for our outfits this year: orange. Ironically, NOT my best color so I went more "peach" which coordinated with Rebekah's dress. My sister and niece were able to come down from Anchorage and join the family, which was great and I got some really good bath pictures that I can't wait to scrap with Rebekah and her cousin! We even got to hide the eggs outside since much of the snow had melted...it was an early spring, which made me happy!

Awana's finished on Easter Sunday with Thomas ending his Sparks career in fabulous form! He was the only one to finish all three books, all three review "books" and all three extra credit card books with the new curriculum. And Rebekah finished as a Cubbie and will move up to Sparks as Thomas moves up to a Truth iN Training Team in the fall. I'm so very proud of them for learning their verses and hiding God's word in their hearts. It can only serve them well.

Then it was time to celebrate Thomas' 8th birthday. Hard to believe our boy is 8 years old. There are days when it seems like just yesterday that we weren't even sure if he would even get to celebrate his first. And now he's a healthy, active and very smart little man. And I say man because that's where he's headed with his size 5 feet! Then he had his big birthday bash with his friends and extended family two weeks later at my girlfriend's new indoor inflatable playground business, Jumpin' Junction. They had a BOUNCIN' good time! Add a sleepover with 3 of his best friends and it was a dream birthday for him.

The end of the school year saw us busy with spring school programs, end of year field trips and sick kiddos. Thomas' class memorized "Lean on Me" and he knew his part well. He even smiled a few times while up on stage which is an AMAZING improvement from last year and he made it through the program despite not having felt well for the two days prior to the program. Then Rebekah fell ill and missed a field trip, her graduation program and the last day of school. We were able to get her well enough to attend the field trip to Seward which she enjoyed. She thought touching the sea anemones at the Seward Sea Life Center was pretty cool...and who doesn't love chocolate and gelato at Sweet Darlings Candy?!

So now summer has officially begun for us up here and already it's been full with Soccer Camp, Swimming Lessons and the first VBS of the season. So look for pictures of those things to come in the next few weeks (I hope!) We're off for our first camping trip of the season this weekend and we'll see how the rest of the summer pans out. Doesn't look like I'll be able to take the busy back out anytime soon!

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